In the wake of school shootings across the country, some school districts or state counties are taking the initiative to have armed personnel in their schools.

The News and Observer reports that Henderson County, North Carolina, explained their plan to hire people with law enforcement or military backgrounds to serve as “highly trained” armed personnel at all 23 schools and protect their 14,000 students.

“Henderson County has always been a sleepy little town,“ school board chairwoman Amy Lynn Holt said. ”We’ve not felt like we’re threatened here. Well, we have to start acting like we’re threatened.”

School board chair Amy Lynn Holt at @SheriffHCSO press conference on school safety: “We’re in charge of 14,000 students. And they’re all somebody’s babies.” HCPS coordinating w/law enforcement on safety protocols, see @SheriffHCSO for updates.

The hired personnel will not be sheriff deputies, but they will undergo the same hiring process as if they were. Applicants will also undergo psychological tests and receive training.


“The consensus from the populace of Henderson County seems to be that we need security people to do security and we need teachers to be able to teach,” Sheriff Charles McDonald said.

“With the support of our Henderson County Board of Commissioners and the efforts of the county manager’s staff, we have trained armed deputies in plainclothes and/or uniformed personnel patrolling in and around all county public schools,” he added.